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Open Friday 10am-6pm & Saturday 9am-2pm. Additional dates/times available for larger group rentals call or text us for more information at: 419-806-7186

For the love of Canoeing & Kayaking

Ready for a unique summer adventure? Canoeing and kayaking on the picturesque Maumee river is a great option. You’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air and get some exercise, too. Select from one of our two locations on the river and reserve your boat today!

The Maumee River begins in Ft. Wayne, Indiana then past Defiance, Ohio and Maumee Bay in Toledo, Ohio. The Independence and Providence dams also guide the flow of the Maumee River.

The river consists of 130 river miles and mainly runs through Ohio before ending in Lake Erie.

Canoe Rentals

Weirs Rapids

Van Tassel

Basic Canoeing & Kayaking Safety Tips

Canoe safety

STAY LOW – do not stand up or walk in your canoe when you are away from shore. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKET – you never know when you might fall out or tip over unexpectedly. AVOID SUDDEN OR JERKY MOVEMENTS – rocking from side to side could cause the canoe to tip over.

Kayaking Safety

Plan a trip within your capabilities.
Research local hazards and weather.
Create and share a float plan.
Bring essential safety gear.
Dress for immersion.
Don’t go solo.

Hours & Terms


Open Friday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Reservations must be made online.

For larger group rentals call or text us for more information @ 419-806-7186


Renter shall obey all state, federal and local Boating Regulations, laws, ordinances and lawful directives from appropriate emergency or law enforcement personnel, while operating or renting boats or equipment from Living Waters Canoe and Kayak Rentals, LLC.

Renter represents that he/she has adequate skills, knowledge and experience to safely complete the planned activity and that adequate preparations have been made to ensure safe completion of trip.

All passengers in the canoes and kayaks must wear PFDs/Lifejackets at all times while in the boats. If the renter does not have their own, they may rent them from Living Waters Canoe and Kayake Rentals, LLC.